Warehouse & Distribution

Responding to unpredictable and urgent needs of workforce seems complicated.  Delays and issues regarding delivering hardware and software will impact the productivity of a deployment. With Unitek warehouse and distribution solutions, we have a real competitive advantage.

Seamless Supply and Distribution

To predict the business productivity, your workforce will surely need the right equipment. By communicating to our clients and following flexible working strategies, we use to deliver solutions to our clients in time to keep their business running.

Supply Chain at Scale

Our24 distribution partner centers nationwide help our organization in reducing the burden because of stockpiles of business components.

  • Our partner distributers own over 520,000 items of stocks and offer stock delivery on same day or next day delivery.
  • Customer oriented stocks are held in its own designated areas and can be shipped at any time which reduces the leading time used to configure and ship the same day.
  • We strive to offer our clients with complete solution by putting best that we can.
Fast, reliable Delivery

A global warehousing operation along with other domestic capabilities and local distributer networks implies that we can offer almost every business component or device at any location.

  • Unitek ships nationwide up to 6pm (Pacific Standard Time) on any business day.
  • The tracking facility offers complete visibility for the progress on any shipment.
  • Last year 99.98% of shipment accuracy was recorded by our distributer affiliates.
  • Unitek Configuration Center ensures the arrival of all built-to-order products and it orchestrates all the hardware and software solutions so that they will be ready to be configured and shipped on timely manner.

We concentrate on offering our customers with flexible solutions by equipping them according to their needs, whenever and wherever they need them.

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At Unitek, we are dedicated to explore the compatible solutions and deal with series of our customer’s challenges. At any instance if you need expert and professional IT help, please contact us and know at Unitek we can help!