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Unitek Public Sector is a renowned and trusted technology advisor of U.S. Local, State, and Federal Government. Unitek makes use of advanced technologies to meet requirements of agencies; we serve the public by offering them reliable solutions.

Our Mission Is Clear:

To aid public sector agencies and support them in meeting their goals, with information technology. Whether you are planning to enhance your teamwork, productivity, flexibility or security, Unitek Public Sector will provide the right solution for you.

Our Federal Resources

The aim of our business is to serve our clients by obeying the government rules. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable government experts understand the level and uniqueness of challenges they have to face while serving our Public Sector clients at Unitek. We are serving several sectors of Federal Government by addressing their IT needs since 1994. Unitek can serve and support single or multiple contracts, with a full array of services and solutions along with broad range of products from hundreds of manufacturers. Highly featured engineering resources with technically certifications support as our sales representatives. Please call our Government sales team at UNITEK, and let us show you how we can help.


Health IT Solutions for the Healthcare Marketspace

We completely understand the needs of healthcare professionals, because they need more than just products. They need a full IT product offerings and solutions to address specific organizational complexities.

Traditional IT strategies, normally used in organizations are not enough to meet specialized demands of healthcare IT requirements. From the basic server architecture to the system keyboards, everything needs to be designed and deployed according to medical infrastructure, which is customized to deliver the best possible medical assistance to the patients.

Whether your organization wants to deploy mobile devices for the medical staff including the nurses or equip the examination rooms with remote video conferencing soloutions, Unitek offers appropriate solutions geared for healthcare sectors. We have full experience, with doctor’s needs, healthcare directors and administrators who contribute to create, deploy and manage such custom technologies for healthcare purposes.

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If you would like to explore more about our Healthcare IT solutions and their effectiveness, please contact our Healthcare Account Executives now!