IT department is one of the highly valued and operationally critical assets, which is used across the business organization. It is very difficult to plan the consumption, implementation and distribution of such company possessions.

The selection of supply of expected IT solutions is important for both asset management, budgeting, awareness and flexibility of a business organization. Processes at Unitek highlighted by UnitekTrack, which is our supply chain management portal is designed to aid IT management processes.

Most of the organizations struggle to maintain the balance and only spend money on agreed list of equipment with certain specifications. Our solutions reduces a lot of time and money that our customer’s use to spend on procurement. UnitekTrack offers every control for accurate decision making while adopting a simple, easy and intuitive solution for their use.

  • A single interface delivers comprehensive asset management
  • Our portal is customized in order to authenticate customer with password protection with a secure and easy managed purchasing strategies.
  • Unitek offers the inventory data after analyzing the comprehensive and purchasing trends.
  • The need of human supervision for management is eliminated with the automation of manual processes.
  • UnitekTrack seamlessly integrates with your current organizations system.

UnitekTrack is one of the leading approaches in industry to initiate and compile asset management and earnings.

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