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Email remains the most vital and widely popular mode for corporate communication for billions of businesses, worldwide. IT organizations most often face pressure in handling the traffic, most of which is crucial for business and indispensable for business compliance requirements.

While email is irreplaceable mode of communication for your company and employees, the overflow of emails, combined with the complicated legislation, can prove to be a costly affair. Unitek Mail Services allows the end-user to garner complete gains of cloud computing, enhancing the productivity while eliminating the chances of challenges and restrictions of the on-premises infrastructure.

Email with the Benefits of the Cloud

Email is the most popular and rational path that most companies follow to commence with the cloud network. Unitek’s cloud-based email and collaboration solutions offer the clients to reap benefits of full flexibility of the cloud and allow them the liberty to choose the service that serves their requirements best.

  • The smooth assimilation of applications into your email and collaboration platform allows the clients to meet their ever-changing organizational needs.

  • Fixed monthly costs and a satisfaction that your IT operations and the end-user service level is optimally maintained.

  • Unitek’s Mail Service suite is constructed with excellent crafting and security models at its base that permits the cloud transitioning smoother without posing any threats to their business operations.

Unitek Mail Services: Exchange- Exchange in the Cloud

Majority of organizations use the Microsoft Exchange for their email management, to make the integration effortlessly the Unitek cloud-based. To deliver the value to the needs of our clients immediately, Unitek Mail: Exchange offers all new enterprise email in a complete package.

  • To ensure the unrestricted work of users because of drawbacks of on-premise infrastructure, Unitek Mail: Exchange is structured on enterprise and commercial-class structure.

  • A devoted, scalable, high-availability service that covers added functionality and security.

  • Weather it is Malware, phishing or spams, or social engineering attacks, Unitek Mail: Exchange is efficient enough provide protection from all in-and-out bound threats.

  • To safeguard data, we offer an automatic reputation system that acts as a protective layer.

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A Cloud based email system is much beneficial for a business and to allow you enjoy all of them, Unitek is always there to help you in finding the suitable solutions.

With a team of professionals at Unitek, we deliver efficient, transparent, predictable and affordable cloud based solutions. For suggestions to upgrade your email system to cloud, Explore hoe Unitek can help you.