Physical security is not the major threat that your company might have to face. Data leakage or malicious cybercrime are current security issues for which you may need comprehensive IT security solutions.

Security solutions are a bit complex but necessary to regulate in your organization. Data engineers and Special security knowledge is necessary for effective operations in any organization. The skill set required is resource intensive and a bit costly, which not every business can afford. Unitek security offers full support that ranges from the designing stage to its deployment and continues throughout its lifespan.

Defending your Organization

It’s impossible to foresee every possible security threat that might target your business in near future. Unitek has wide experience of working with hundreds of customers, partners and vendors. Considering every business environment as different, our team of consultants and engineers work accordingly. The operation is based on structuring the equipment according to outcomes we expect, not specific products.

  • Experts at Unitek are gone through extensive training sessions according to vendor portfolio including such as IBM, Oracle, Symantec and EMC
  • We perform extensive compliance, control and authentication analysis to ensure the delivery of most appropriate solutions to our customers
  • Our service solutions offer dedicated technical support from industry’s leading solutions architects and expert team.
Creating a Secure Environment

Everyone wish to safeguard their business data by implementing various data security systems. The Unitek Solution Architectural designs are structured uniquely to secure your data and organization

  • No matter what the type of your organizational IT infrastructure is, our professionals will identify the right security solution that includes – Access, identity and firewalls to control vulnerability (UTM & NGFW); IDS/IPS; Network Access Control (NAC); Virtualization; and Cloud security.
  • Unitek experts specialize in a host of security technologies, including – endpoint protection; email & web security; mobile device management for BYOD and compete disk encryption.
  • To maximize the visibility of threats and related challenges, we provide security management and on premise or cloud based remote support, log retention, security incident and event monitoring.

Experts at Unitek technologies are dedicated for exploring the right security solutions to keep your business protected for longer.

For further suggestions regarding exploring compatible business security solutions, contact our professionals at Unitek technologies. They are always there to help you!

End User Computing

Working strategies are changing at a faster pace, as employees need their data easily accessible from anywhere and through any device. Delivering such flexibility in business environment without compromising the security standards is much more difficult.

Simple, Effective Application Management

It is not simple to ensure that the application framework for an organization meets their evolving needs. Unitek has teamed up with leading architects and consultants in the industry and we work with organizations of all types and sizes nationwide. Our experts can help you in identifying the needs of end users.

The Right Approach

A productive team of employees is completely dependent upon the technologies used in its business environment. As every business is unique and there is no solution that fits all. That is the reason why the IT professionals need to make significant decisions about how they offer the best solutions. They have big decisions to make including the creation of virtualized environment or a hybrid of preferred two.

  • Unitek offers expertise to help organizations in accepting challenges and implement ing the right solution for a profitable organization.
  • We are always ready to help you out in building any of the physical, virtual or the hybrid business models
  • The working strategies at Unitek implies that we offer ideal advices to derive best solutions for unique customer’s application requirements.
A Unifying Approach

In order to predict the efficiency and productivity of business, you need to analyze end-user computing. Unitek technologies can help you in analyzing and adopt standardized approach to deliver optimize user experience and management of the IT functions in our organization.

An exceptional and well-planed approach to manage the functionality of IT department can help a business to save both time and money.

We use to deploy several applications to maintain cost effectiveness, weather you need a virtual, physical computing systems or any of the standardized framework to regulate business activities.

Unitek technologies offer pre-verified solutions with a reliable structure to meet all your business needs.

Highest Accredited Experts

Many of the organizations don’t have appropriate skillset to operate their own IT departments. At Unitek Technologies, we strive in helping business owners to excel by providing applications and a skilled system delivery-team, which includes some of the leading Microsoft and VMWare experts with great knowledge of the platform architecture.

  • Unitek is a certified partner of VMWare and Microsoft accredited partner.

We concentrate on structuring powerful solutions that can be easily managed by customers.

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At Unitek, we suggest the right methods to deal with End User Computing challenges. If you want to discuss any of your issues regarding desktop and application architecture, please contact our experts.