Field Engineering

For a business to function uninterrupted, an extremely dependable and capable IT infrastructure is an essential criterion. It cannot be ignored that these hardware or software irregularities, irrespective of major or minor issues, if not attended to immediately can significantly hamper the smooth operations of a business.

Due to any reason if there is a breakdown in the infrastructure, you would want it to be immediately tackled so that the staff can resume working normally, delivering the maximum level of output. To achieve this purpose, Unitek authorized team of field engineers and hardware consultants are available to deliver support in a 24×7 working environment and to make necessary correction in the minimum lapse of time.

For a flawless support structure to meet demands of a business round-the-clock, optimal staffing, substantial supply, upkeep of employee details and their disposal to support the completion of ongoing projects is an essential requirement for a company. Unitek’s detailed and wide-ranging support services in realm of field engineering has reduced this momentous burden to maintain the skill and capital availability, to a minimum possible level.

  • Working in accordance with your project and implementation design, we ensure the engineer’s availability for the onsite project.
  • The team is vendor-accredited field engineers and hardware professionals who are trained as per the updated industrial and engineering standards. This ensures their expertise to provide instant support in the dire situations.
  • Unitek team is capable to deliver support for customer sites established all over the US.
  • The team is proficient to provide hardware and network solutions for laptops, servers and printers.
  • We also offer services under warranty contract on behalf of vendors, service stock management, service configuration and end of life services.
Access to Part and Inventory Support

Whereas some system failures could easily be foretold and maintained, some are often difficult to keep a tab on, and even with regular checks you cannot predict when they will affect and on what level. But, Unitek is competent enough to deal with such erratic situations with their nationwide warehousing and supply linkage that endows us to immediately facilitate our customers with their parts requirement.

Unitek has a stronghold on delivering the required spares and parts to its engineers with the help of a uniformly functioning network that has collection points across US.

The efficient Unitek engineer after diagnosing the issue will know what they need to tackle and will make the part available.

Flexible contracts:

For maintaining evenness in business operations, all the business systems are required at once. Not all businesses have a dire need to maintain their IT assets. Therefore, each contract is custom-drafted with the corresponding business needs.

We offer our clients a diverse range of service level agreements, out of which they can choose what suits their business best in terms of necessities and financial plan.

We also keep in mind flexibility in contracts to suit our customer’s needs. This means that you receive required support for your business and not a pre-drafted agreement.

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We are determined to recognize any issues that may arise in front of your customers and make their business full operational without wasting any time.

Unitek’s field engineers single-mindedly dedicated to the task of solving IT concerns proficiently. Learn more how Unitek can help your set-up.