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A faster evolution of technology is continuously making it difficult to keep track of updates according to business needs. It’s very important to replace the outdated technologies with new ones so that it meets the new business challenges every day.   However, not all businesses can conform to the rising cost challenge in their IT organization.

Your IT Lifecycle Challenges Solved

A creative working strategy is required to help both private and public sector to maximize their investment value while offering their customers with power to the latest technology available in the market.  All these objectives and specializations are offered by Unitek Leasing to boost up the developmental and implementation of IT leasing business needs.

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Greater Flexibility

Rather than buying all new IT equipment for your organization, it may be the right to lease them. This reduces the financial burden that the company would have to bear while purchasing updated business equipment.

  • Unitek works with its certified Leasing partners which includes Apple Leasing and GE Capital
  • By utilizing leasing solutions and understanding the enterprise technology, our team make effective decisions regarding asset portfolio for appropriate residual values.

Financial departments plan the cost of the equipment over entire business lifecycle, instead of paying them at once. Unitek Leasing department work transparently and provide estimates only after analyzing the complete cost on IT project.

  • To avoid the unpleasant encounters, costs are decided before making budget limits.
  • Payment agreements are fixed right from the start and there is no change even if there is hike in capital market rates

Global Expertise

Planning and then implementing a right investment is a complicated process. Unitek deals with leasing companies that work independently, so we operate generally without dealing with providers and advisors.

  • Structured leasing plans are offered at Unitek Nationwide
  • Leasing IT equipment is highly profitable for organization’s capital ratio financing and our team has enough experience in accounting ideal costs and advice regarding the best approach.

We are dedicated to focus on helping our customers in managing and controlling IT equipment budget.

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At Unitek Leasing, we are concentrating on right business accounting solutions. If you really wish to reduce the total equipment ownership costs, please contact us and our experts will talk to you Unitek leasing solutions!