Use of IT resources to explore compatible configurations for business time consuming and unreliable. This disturbs the working strategy of IT crew.

Hassle Free Set-up

The on-site configuration of hardware and software effects the working atmosphere inside the work-labs, which can then strongly influence the planning of your organization’s IT department. To help your organization in adopting new configurations without any negative effect on productivity, Unitek delivers built-to-order configured equipment exactly according to your business needs.

Streamlined Configuration

To satisfy and maximize the productivity of your employees, organizations need to manage few things like IT assets. These assets facilitate the workers and help them improve their performance. Installation and configuration of these applications might delay the process. To overcome this drawback, our configuration center unit offers advanced software and hardware which helps boost up the overall process and productivity.

  • The pre-configuration of your organization’s IT equipment at our configuration center improves your business productivity, as the delivered systems or solutions can immediately be used for user productivity.
  • The imaging solutions used at Unitek configuration center can install the standard business images to any of the computing device including laptop, PC, servers, Mac or tablets.
  • To allow real time imaging alterations and configurations for your organizations IT systems, we use specific imaging solutions including SCCM, MDT, LAN, Desk and WINInstall along with VPN links, to host multiple clients.
Equipment Delivered To The Highest Standard

Investments plays an important to optimize the IT equipment for even business performance. To help the consumers to test and then implement IT solutions for their organization, our team of engineers and consultants work with our IT staff to implement the equipment to your highest standards.

  • Our team follows a peer review process to offer a fine finish to job quality. The analysis is done in configuration center by the team of engineers.
  • Our configuration center allows our customers to execute a comprehensive testing, which is programmed in a critical data center before delivery.
  • Our engineers and consultants customize the process on demand to help our clients analyze and configure all business requirements.
  • Unitek can handle all of your customized equipment requirements and offer you transparency until they are configured at your organization’s environment.

We completely focus on updating your IT team by utilizing time and money for structuring better business environment.

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At Unitek, we concentrate on helping every customer to derive more profits on their investments. If you would like more information to improve the efficiency of your IT processes, please contact us.