Onsite Development & Engineering

Arranging everything needed inside your company grounds, is not always financially suitable because the project may require a team with expertise to handle several processes. Timely implementation and reliability are other requirements that may force you to face difficulties.

Flexibility and expertise

Complex business operations need experts to IT enabled tools. Searching for professionals having skill set to make a business IT enabled, is quite difficult. With a flexible mechanism to cover the experience, which is required to complete the project on time by your organization, our Onsite and Deployment Engineering team offers an alternative approach for internal resourcing of your business.

Deployment at any skill level

Hiring a team of IT professionals with specific expertise is a bit frustrating and expensive. Unitek has a team of technicians with experience in varied sectors who can offer you services, as you need them.

  • Engineers at Unitek have broad areas of technical expertise and they follow vendor oriented working strategies

  • We won’t let your project to suffer due to the leaves taken by employees during the deployment phase of the project.

  • By working in coordination with Unitek Service Support, we offer unbiased support to help you deal with IT issues

  • This method is to offer a basic resource management

  • Work with your team without any Management Challenge

Adding headcount doesn’t only require financial support, it needs responsibility for proper employee management and development. To support our customers, at Unitek we provide them with team of experienced engineers, who won’t cause you usual permanent staff member investments.

  • To handle any type of HR issues and ensure their current development without affecting the current HR infrastructure, Unitek appoints a devoted resource manager.

  • We try to cover all the disruptions due to employee irregularities to ensure business continuity.

A Complete IT Skillset

Whatever technology you are currently using to operate your business, Unitek engineers are capable to support you. Some of Unitek services are –

  • Timely Delivery and proper installation of hardware, software, storage racking and cabinets

  • Support for imaging, configuration and under-process troubleshooting varieties of desktop and server hardware

  • Administration and management of Network

  • Organization of related stocks and negotiators

We believe in helping you to enjoy all the benefits of a well-equipped IT department, even if the headcount or financial budget limitations are challenging at your present organization.

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Unitek offers certified engineers to complete your operational requirements, over a flexible time period. Get in touch with us to know more about how our team can integrate with your present team for business advancement.