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IT departments have to correspond and cater to their organization demands and support them intensively, they hold the key to all the applications, data and multimedia. For their perfect operation, it is important that they have everything at their dispense to cater to the needs of their organization. Unitek venture in cloud computing has made the IT functionality of our clients extremely easy by providing them additional assistance for the conceivable crisis.

With could computing, a company can multiply its IT assets without putting much pressure on their existing structure. Unitek SecureCloud is a secure and dependable platform for the companies when it comes to expand their IT assets without incurring extra cost on the procurement and upkeep.

Cloud computing could be described as a bank in the simplest manner. Where you can store your possessions and access your data whenever you need it. However, a lot of effort is put on its security and effective working, before the anyone else can misuse it.

  • Unitek SecureCloud makes it simple for an organization to bear the inflated application workloads without monetary expenditure and even reduction in operational costs. Companies just have to make monthly payments and it is based per server workload size.

  • Unitek is capable of providing entirely managed service as well as a hybrid service using both public and private cloud models.

  • Assured uptime guarantees that the resources, backups for your business requirements are always within your reach instantly.

  • Unitek’s cloud infrastructure platform is flexible to contain full OS and applications management.

  • We provide build and orchestration to take the pain out of a new deployment.

  • We have a readymade build and composition available to be used instantly to ensure hassle free disposition of new resources.

Trusted Technology

The most crucial aspect of cloud for your business data is its secure storage and upkeep. Whether you have chosen a public or private service, Unitek ensures a high-security setting for your applications.

  • Unitek SecureCloud is created on an enterprise-class hardware and software structure, reinforced by reputable, industry-standard supervision and security practices.

  • VMware offers the most secure virtualization platform in the industry.

  • SecureCloud delivers a totally remote multi-tenancy setting for the workloads of a company.

  • Our service is carried out from multiple reputed US datacenters countrywide.

  • Unitek provides protected cloud infrastructure solution to deliver as per the company’s requirements.

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Unitek SecureCoud is dedicated to support secure transitioning from your company’s datacenter to cloud through flexible and strong suite of solutions. To know more about the cloud migration and robust support for your applications, please get in touch with us now.