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Every company’s IT department know how vital it is to restore their critical data. Implementing an effective operation to restore their data in-house could be expensive and timewasting.

A robust and flexible approach

Mostly traditional tapes define the backup of organizations, which are not ideal because of their expensiveness, speed and inefficiency. The cloud enabled Unitek Backup Services eliminates the need of tape based backup systems with their flexibility and performance.

Scalable and Reliable

Complexity is not a new challenge if you have decided to manage and compile your business. To accomplish your mission, you might need to backup your organization’s data, which was never been a priority. By providing the off-site data protection and disaster recovery, Unitek Backup Services takes off a huge burden from the company’s head.

  • Unitek reassures by offering a manifold infrastructure of data center.

  • The cloud based Unitek Backup services can be expanded, as your business requirement starts to increase with growth.

  • Price is not same for all businesses, as they have varied business requirements.To ensure the right use of your investment, we have achieved the cost-transparency by analyzing the monthly usage capacity.

  • Understandable and transparent reporting system used at Unitek for requirement modeling and capacity management provides information about your data.

Safeguarding your data

Backup and disaster recovery of data is a part of securing it reliably. Unitek Backup systems are developed on a commercial and enterprise ready platforms having well-structured and clear service agreements to ensure the security and availability of data at the time of need.

  • Regular Unitek Backup service keeps your data backup up-to-date on cloud. A leveraging IBM technology is used to re-replicate data right before its delivery.

  • By using a customer-oriented approach, we offer granular data backup. Our priority is clearly based how instantly you need your data.

  • We make use of automated tape archives to offer our clients with longer-term data backup and protection services if asked for.

World-class Service

Most businesses who are going to put their data on cloud wish to know the name of the professionals handling it, so that they can communicate to clarify their queries. At Unitek services and solutions, our named account managers with the support of a well-equipped team of experts, deal with the customers in an easy and clear way.

As an IBM certified partner, UnitekServices team has experts with appreciable industrial certifications. The customer support desk is always available to deal with your questions related to devoted service operation center. Unitek Backup and disaster recovery services aids the business management process to ensure profits.

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At Unitek, we have structured the cloud to deliver reliable, flexible and transparent IT services. In case, you want to explore more about Unitek Backup Services, Please ask your queries.