Software Renewals Management

With the application of diverse software portfolio, its maintenance demands undivided attention.

For an organization, managing and maintaining record of the software portfolio presents a huge and complicated challenge. With different timespans and unpredictable time period assigned for different software agreement renewals, many companies most likely flounder their software compliance.

Renewals Made Easy

A company invests in its software resources to increase the productivity and it will not be an ideal situation if they have to sustain unwanted charges or delay in final output. Unitek Software Team has experts devoted to support the license renewals and give prompt notice before the license expiration.

Keeping Software Management Simple

Maintenance of the software agreement, renewals and updating the changes corresponding to the vendor policies is a exhausting task. Unitek administers the perceptibility of the client’s software resources in an incomparable manner, offering them the confidence that they may need, while working with such crucial assets. We track all license renewals, any given time period and also a prior notice at the lapse of 90, 60 and 30-day intervals.

Value from your assets

Every software asset that a company acquires adds a certain margin of profit to their business and also incur certain costs in its upkeep. Unitek support concentrates on making it easy for company to accomplish their business goals.

  • We can produce a consolidated data for the dates of impending software renewals that you could discuss as per the company’s budget or legacy renewal dates.

  • Managing software renewals through Unitek offers our customers an advantage as the combined licensing programs are cost-effective.

  • As a Microsoft vendor, Unitek can offer a comprehensive knowledge of the working agreements and Microsoft software solutions.

Unitek perceives an adjustable outlook to the software renewals maintenance, making sure that the customers have a complete control on their own software portfolio.

Understanding the Software Lifecycle

Our software expert team carefully renditions your software license that involves the current state of agreement, or what purpose are they going to serve you in the upcoming time. Unitek can help in accurately and strategically handling the software agreements till maturation, so that they do not affect the important tasks and productivity of your company.

  • Unitek offers a complete assistance on your software license till it expires and accommodating necessary changes that are tailor-made to serve client’s needs.

  • Our Baseline Service interprets what your software license accommodates for you and the Effective License Position report further segregates that information into details of accommodating data.

  • The Unitek Optimization Strategy utilizes this information to recommend schematic and helpful measures that could be cost-effective and offer proactive risk-management for your software portfolio

The Unitek licensing solutions ensures that our clients possess the prerequisite software requirements and each software resource is a strength added to their business.

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