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Taking hold of software licensing is not an easy task to accomplish as the technology is always fluctuating.
Software changes are subjected to variations as per the demands of the end-user and capturing minute details of the shift in software domain could prove to be time consuming. In such case, providing worthy solutions to customers is a more tedious task.

Support throughout the Whole Lifecycle

To gain an edge on the emerging software scenarios, comprehensive and updated knowledge is a must. Unitek is a Microsoft Authorized Reseller and Adobe Authorized Gold Reseller, besides you can rely on the team of vendor’s authorized professionals who are available at your disposal to cater to numerous software complications and guaranteeing that your venture is productive for you.

Making Software Work for You

Software resources are to enhance business activities to handle your work not vice versa. Unitek efficient network program helps in keeping a balanced ratio between the maintenance and the profit that network services bring to your company.

  • To provide impeccable solutions to our clients and to hold expertise in the new-age technology, Unitek spends on the training and in building vendor partnerships.

  • We thoroughly check the software license agreements to ensure you completely optimize your investment,

  • The Unitek web portal manages the maturation period of your software, observing the perquisites of license agreement, software dispositions and application norms- from a single console

  • We also support renewal of software license agreements, thus avoiding the last minute hassle for you.

Understanding the Software Lifecycle

Our software expert team carefully renditions your software license that involves the current state of agreement, or what purpose are they going to serve you in the upcoming time. Unitek can help in accurately and strategically handling the software agreements till maturation, so that they do not affect the important tasks and productivity of your company.

  • Unitek offers a complete assistance on your software license till it expires and accommodating necessary changes that are tailor-made to serve client’s needs.

  • Our Baseline Service interprets what your software license accommodates for you and the Effective License Position report further segregates that information into details of accommodating data.

  • The Unitek Optimization Strategy utilizes this information to recommend schematic and helpful measures that could be cost-effective and offer proactive risk-management for your software portfolio

The Unitek licensing solutions ensures that our clients possess the prerequisite software requirements and each software resource is a strength added to their business.

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