Managed Services:

To achieve the optimum level in the customer satisfaction, a perfect sync of the proficient IT team of experts and quality customer care is required. We have dedicated workforce towards both the services and it helps us in providing and maintaining optimal level of customer service experience.

Service Management

Managed services have an excellent way to extract maximum output from your IT team and thus maximum returns in your business. However, this is only feasible when your team is evolving as per the current IT scenario and organizational requirements.
For an organization, managed services means calibrated work, reduced workload and updated workforce, but their value is summed up in the output that they cater to the organization.
Unitek’s service management team assures that the contracts and long term projects of our customers and their priority and advancement within their organization is never compromised.

What’s Right for the Business?

The faith in the managed services can only come out if there is a transparent and trust worthy business-client relationship. The Unitek service managers do an excellent job in enabling us to
deliver quality and definite solutions to our customers by ensuring the perfect alignment of our different contracts assigned to them.

  • Our team holds accountability for the client-to-client managed services contracts, in-house and outside the premises of Unitek.
  • Service managers closely scrutinize the resources assigned to your account and thus there is effective planning and implication of team on the assigned task and derive desired results.
  • Unitek recruits an expert to handle the relationship and communication details above the account manager to ensure a micro-managing and a detailed plan on the requirements for your project.
  • Along with the senior management team, there is a specialized team of service delivery managers assigned to your business so that they can keep a tab on the stages of project development.
Flexibility when you need it:

No one wants to hold onto a piece of document that does not serve it purpose and lose its validity over time.  Unitek’s practices a very flexible approach in such case, and the service management is duly evolved to add continuous value to your business.

Unitek Service delivery Managers are self-driven to adapt to the change and therefore skill development is focus to achieve maximum output.

Timely action in the risk management is a pre-requisite for a service management team. We keep a tab on any risks that may arise for your business and implement changes accordingly and track the results over time.

For a healthy partnership to proceed, transparency in the financial aspects of contract is much needed. Our clients never feel that any part of the contract is kept distant from them and they have a complete hold of the contract.

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Our aim is to deliver services that enable your business to work competently and to achieve commercial success. The team at Unitek keeps a stringent check on the challenges that a business could face in the ever-changing IT scenarios and is determined to help its clients through those challenges, anytime. Get in touch with us for a deep insight into how Unitek and its team of managed services can handle your IT needs.