Sourcing from more than one vendor for all IT products can increase the procurement complexity. Dealing with procurement challenges can enhance the business operations.

Delivering value and quality of service

It is not simple to maintain a balance between quality and best commercial IT procurement solution for an organization.  Unitek Procurement solutions offer complete set of services to every customer that which will help them work efficiently and increase their organization’s business productivity and quality.

Consolidate Suppliers

Management of supplier relationships is a bit time consuming and expensive. Replacing over 20 suppliers with a single unmatched solution that is designed to meet your requirement, can reduce the expense dramatically.

  • A single supplier can enhance vendor management with successful procurement solutions
  • Unitek has some of the highest authorizations with some of the major vendors. We combine our procurement expertise with our technology knowledge so we can offer right business procurement solutions for our customers.
  • Each customer is offered with experienced and trustworthy team of experts who know the right business basics.
Economies of Scale

The aim of procurement is to achieve the best service and product price structure. Unitek has maintained significant relationships with some of the popular vendors, which includes commercial equipment costs.

  • By utilizing commercial relationships with leading vendors, we manage millions of dollars of IT Procurement  every year.
  • This aids the negotiation process for competitive rates for our clients
  • Unitek offers efficient solutions according to customer need by taking help from network suppliers

Improve Efficiency

Getting the right software and hardware equipment according to your business needs at right time and right place ensures operational flexibility. To help our clients to get their products on time, Unitek procurement services work with some of the best distributors and manufacturers.  We aim at delivering worry-free and painless procurement solutions.

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We at Unitek, we concentrate on offering unique solutions that exactly matches our customer’s needs.  In case you would like to explore more about services offered at Unitek, please contact us.