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To maintain the IT infrastructure and provide reliable solutions is a hefty task and a company cannot predict the system shutdowns. Managing such issues efficiently and in a time effective manner can be a game changer for the competition in businesses.

When an issue is brought up to your attention, you start looking for solutions to fix it up. Our Service Operations Center runs a California based support system- Unitek service desk. We offer services like integrated remote observation and managing the support of our client’s set-up. Our support team also enables Unitek team of professionals to be a leader in providing immaculate support.

Your First Point of Contact

In case your business production is affected by some problem, the sooner it is taken care of, the better it would be for the organization. Unitek’s Service Desk operation has a competent team that delivers experts assistance within the stated timeslot to make sure that the work continues in a hassle free manner.

  • The prime focus of Unitek Service Desk is to promote front desk issue resolution.
  • The professionals assigned for the task are exceptionally qualified in their respective fields of hardware and software, which helps them in realizing and resolving the customer’s issue within minimum time.
  • The trained professionals in hardware and software technology are the first line of contact for our customers, which means instant resolution.
  • The Unitek architectural design team is available to handle critical issues.
The Right Answers

We understand that when our customers hire us they need instant attention to be paid to their IT challenges, whatever they may be. This is precisely what the service desk is organized of, brilliant executives who have been honed in dispensing resolution without wasting much time.

  • Each team consists of knowledgeable staff who have mastered the technological problems. Thus, when an escalation occurs, respective expert is available to escalate and resolve it.

  • Our consultants will work out any contingency that may exist our customer’s organizational structure.

  • We keep a log of all the instances so that this information can be used to eliminate chances of reoccurrence of issues in future.

Customer Focused Service

With constantly changing IT atmosphere the demands from the clients may change as well. We train our Service Desk professionals with the progressing technology to assure that are clients are not disappointed if an unexpected issue takes place.

  • The Service Desk team is open to the changing technological environment to tackle relevant issues.

  • We implement an array of methods to take care of our customer’s dilemmas pertaining to their IT infrastructure.

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We are dedicated in providing the assistance that a business may need in operating their organization smoothly and successfully. Unitek team of experts are devoted to reverse the IT threats, which are commonly faced by customers, regardless of their time and description. To know better how we can help in attaining this, get in touch with us.