Join Unitek! We promise you will never look back!

Career opportunities at Unitek

Unitek has a competitive benefit, which is defined by its team members, so we prefer to invest on them as well. We use to reward, inspire and energize our employees in our working atmosphere, where people enjoy lifetime opportunities.

We consider our team as the part of our working culture and working with us is not a job, it’s a well-proof career. If you feel that, you are focused and an energetic professional who can be inspired and deliver certain level of performance, we would love to hear from you. We always look to deal with people who strive to make differences to our clients.

The teams at Unitek work to keep our competitive position. We have structured a highly motivating and energetic working atmosphere, where our employees like their time working.

Here Are Few Reasons Why You Should Join Us!
  1. Atmosphere – Unitek is defined well with the integrity and commitment of its people. Our management team work at the heart of this culture. It is vital for us to enjoy the work assigned to us rather than forcing ourselves to “drag ourself through the door” The atmosphere is completely focused to deliver our customers with the best we have but in a relaxed mind and creativity in the development process.
  2. Technology – We have an advanced working culture that is equipped with all required technology for our clients and colleagues. We understand how hard it is to balance professional life with personal, so we organize meetings through video conferencing.
  3. Recognition – At Unitek we strongly believe in recognizing our rising stars. That’s the reason why our management team recognizes employees who have performed outstanding and thank them for their support.
  4. Career Progression – No matter what is the situation, we offer best training to improve the initial skills of our employees.
  5. Corporate Responsibility – In order to support young people to focus on their education, trainings and employment, Unitek partners with schools and colleges and provide students with work experience in projects specifically designed to train young people and set them ready for employment.
  6. Work Life Balance – It’s vital to balance their work life with their personal, so we make use of technologies that enable people to work and support from home or when they are on move. This reduces employees travelling times and adds to productivity.
  7. Charitable Giving – At Unitek, we strive to help and support local and national charities.
  8. Be a part of something special – No matter if, you are a college student or experienced and professional IT staff and looking for next challenge, we have got something exceptional but special for you!